I Might

by York

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Recorded at Artisans Label Studios in Fullerton, CA
Produced, Mixed by: Barrett Slagle
Engineered by: Kyle Griffin
Mastered at Capitol Mastering in Los Angeles, CA by: Kevin Bartley


released June 9, 2012



all rights reserved


York California

York is an up and coming indie/folk/rock group with big things in mind for the future. Their sound is something real, rhythmic, and organic with each song bringing something new to the listener’s ear. Check out York's newest record, "I Might" available now! ... more

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Track Name: Sweet Whiskey
Take me back to the start of it all
Back when my father knew my faults
Back when my mother felt no shame
Back when my brothers knew my name

Oh sweet whiskey cover my soul
Oh cool water drown my hopes
Oh good Lord won’t you cope my blame
Help me know I can start again
Let it go

Hiding from the world and I’m hiding from myself
Just the shadows on the walls and their talking with themselves
But all of you just sail on by
And I’ll continue with this chat in the night

But I can’t see you
And I can’t feel
Track Name: Far Away
Time seems to change a man and all that he’s known
Im somewhere far away
Find myself contemplating all I love
Oh My Love away
So I tell myself that I still have to try
Instead I’ll hide away
But I still remember where I come from
Somewhere far away
Back home

I sit up on this hill and I marvel at the lights
Im somewhere far away
Where are their hearts and where are their minds
Oh My Love away
There’s so much more and so much to life
Don’t hide away
Yet I still recall all the people that I know
Somewhere far away
Back home

When our lives are done and the light has grown faint
Im somewhere far away
I’ll comfort in the arms of my lover
Oh My Love away
I wanna run and I wanna hide
Instead I’ll Hide away
And I wont forget all the things that I have done
Somewhere far away
Back home
Track Name: Strokes
I’ve been wasting and I’ve been trying
For your love for you love
And I’ve been wanting to get back into
Into love in your love

All this time is on you

So I will come back and I will say that
To you love to you love
And you will fight this and you will fake that
Your two-faced love selfish love
Track Name: Won't Worry
No your not safe no your not safe to even go on out
But we know steady as the tide you’ll roll
And you are okay and it looks okay or so we hope
Soon you’ll grow leave and stumble back on home

But I won’t worry about you dear

And its been 5 years and time passes by
Now we know that your living for yourself
But we are okay and we are okay just thought you should know
So we go pick and move out back to the coast

Its your heavy heart that weighs down our minds
And its your wayward soul that lies so close to mine
We can only hope that you are doing fine
And getting by
Track Name: Sun Moon
Night falls over the fiery sky
I had been locked away for quite sometime
I shared a room with the sun and the moon and we
Danced and sang of things that would come soon

But theres ghosts theres ghosts inside his head.
And these things all these things were left unsaid
And they will let you in
But they wont let you out
And all I was told was not to make a sound

Poor little boy who searches for the well
Because he’s seeking secrets that know one would tell
Dark creatures stalk and haunt him through the night
Hoping to send the boy away in fright

Sweet little girl who waits up on the hill
Cause she's wondering if love is real
With her heart laid upon the ocean floor
She is searching for something more
Track Name: Tommy and The Wolves
Out come the wolves, out come the wolves in the night
Its easy to see that you will not survive
So fight for your life son
Run for your life
Surprisingly you’re not afraid of the sight

So we wait for the sounds the animals make
Oh I’ve longed to be like you

Under the blood, under your blood red moon
The wolves circle round and wait on your first move
They sharpen their tongues to feast on the lies that you’ve told
You welcome them in you’ve welcomed them into your home all alone